Everything You Need To Know About South Facing House Design

A south dealing with property program is believed to make you really feel relaxed and be financially sturdy. When creating this property you ought to make certain that the door is located in the south or at the 4th Pada of the south path. The purpose for this is since there is a sturdy think that when the door faces south, it is a signal of excellent omen.

You ought to make certain that the master bedroom and the above-head tank are situated on south west corner. When creating the master bedroom you ought to be cautious that you do not compromise the room for the front elevation style.

You ought to depart sufficient open room in the east and north sides. You ought to stay away from leaving a whole lot of room in the south as it is a signal of undesirable issues. You ought to also stay away from constructing a septic tank, water sump, backyard or porch in the southwest path.

Some of the very best issues to construct in the southwest path is the workplace or store. Finding the two in this path is a signal that you will prosper and boost your monetary scenario as a proprietor. When creating the store or workplace you ought to make certain that the south wall is considerably taller than the north wall. This is to deliver in far better final results.

When it comes to the septic tank, you ought to construct it on the northern side of your property. To stay away from contamination you ought to make certain that the septic tank is 15 feet away from water sump or borehole.

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To stay away from undesirable luck, the staircase ought to encounter south, west, southeast or northwest corner of your property. It ought to in no way be in the northeast corner of the property.

Much more issues you need to have to do

If you are but to acquire a plot you ought to acquire a single that slopes from south to north. If you do not know the instructions of the region you ought to inquire your architect to aid you out.

You ought to find the kitchen in the south-east or north-west corner. When cooking, you ought to encounter in direction of east or west.

If you like possessing a backyard you ought to find it in the southwest corner. You can plant trees in this path, but you ought to make certain that they are not also tall covering your property.


As you have noticed, there are numerous ideas you need to have to think about when creating a south dealing with property. To get perfect final results you ought to perform with a licensed and seasoned architect.

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